Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are essential components of home air conditioning, gently shifting warm air between rooms to heat or cool according to your preferences. Rest easy knowing an efficient system is in place for regulating the temperature all year round.

Types of heat pumps

Central Heat Pumps

This innovative heat pump technology is strategically installed in one location and distributes the conditioned air through floor or ceiling grates for optimal comfort.

Ductless heat pump

If your home uses a single heating or cooling source, like a floor furnace or window air conditioner, a ductless heat pump (also known as a mini-split) system might be the better solution for you.

our services

Home energy consultations

We offer a first-rate service that will grade your property’s energy efficiency using an accredited audit by one of our HERS-certified auditors. Our stringent eligibility requirements mean the auditor you receive is highly capable and qualified to provide accurate assessments – plus, there may be rebates available depending on the home!